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La Mata, Spain

La Mata has a rich and important history on the Costa Blanca,
yet not many people know it exists...

This beautiful and traditional Spanish town

This beautiful and traditional Spanish town is located to the north, and because of expansion, it is now almost joined to the busy and bustling tourist destination of Torrevieja. Unlike its neighbour, La Mata has retained a Spanish feel unlike the bustling tourist towns surrounding it.
La Mata in essence is a beautiful beachside village, which has retained a very Spanish atmosphere and unlike many towns, has shunned high rise buildings in favour of smaller “typically Spanish” style homes. Those looking for a package holiday for instance, would certainly not look at La Mata as their perfect choice. Those looking for a real slice of Spanish family life however, would feel right at home.
The town was built around the “salt lakes” and has continued to thrive from its industry, despite the headquarters being moved to Torrevieja. The removal of the salt from the La Mata Salt lagoon dates as far back as Roman times, and the towns’ folk are incredibly proud of their history. Nowadays, the salt lake is used for much more “environmentally friendly” purposes, and are protected as part of the national park and providing homes for many species of bird life.
Walking along the beaches of La Mata is like walking back in time, to when Spain was still “Spanish” and beaches were still deserted. The area is truly a Spanish coastal town, and has retained all of its possible atmosphere and credence throughout the years.
Those looking for that perfect Spanish property, in a true Spanish town, with the added bonus of the sea being close at hand would feel right at home in La Mata and with the bustling town of Torrevieja nearby, you are never far from nightlife should you ever feel the need for a little more “hustle and bustle”.