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Murcia, Spain

Like many of Spain’s regional capitals, Murcia is a city that possesses an incredible amount of history...


Due to its geographical location as border territory between Andalusia and Meseta, Murcia has retained an intense set of historical traditions, and has often been described as the “ideal meeting point” for Spain’s history and tradition to meet new and modern life and culture.
Although the city of Murcia holds an incredible amount of history within its own walls, it is regarded as the least visited regional capital in Spain. Many believe this is a good thing. The city’s streets remain relatively tourist free, and the city has retained its perfect Spanish feel, somewhat untouched throughout the centuries.
The region is celebrated for the famous La Manga de Mar Menor area. Due to an amazing natural accident, a strip of land, bar a few very small channels, completely closes off the Mar Menor lagoon off from the Mediterranean Sea. This stunning lagoon, often described as “the worlds largest swimming pool”, attracts thousands of water sports enthusiasts each and every year, transforming the La Manga strip into Spain’s very own “Florida Keys”.
However, the tourists very rarely intrude on the Spanish city of Murcia, allowing the traditions and culture to remain fairly untouched by European hands.
For those looking to experience a truly Spanish lifestyle, in a relatively “city” like atmosphere, Murcia offers all of this and more. A relaxed atmosphere with hundreds of stunning restaurants and bars, and more culture and history than can be experienced in a day. The old part of Murcia simply bursts with history, and the people who live here couldn’t be friendlier.
Property is fairly easy to come by, but be prepared to throw yourself into the lifestyle, language and Spanish life wholeheartedly, but then is that necessarily a bad thing?