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The Salt Lakes, Torrevieja, Spain

Many believe the Costa Blanca or “White Coast” has been so named due to the numerous white sandy beaches that stretch along the coast of the Mediterranean...

Salt Lake

But after living in some areas of the province, many believe the Salt Lakes may have something to do with the name. When driving along the coast road near Torrevieja many find themselves face to face with mountains of pure white salt, stacked high and wide, taken from the infamous Salt Lakes near by.
The spectacular Salt Lake lagoons of Torrevieja and La Mata have now been sanctioned as national parks, after all, it seems these stunning surrounds do not just draw human interest, but that of hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife. The beautiful lake offers home to animals such as water fowl, flamingos, lizards and dragonflies as well as many more animals that live in the forests surrounding the lagoon.
However, it is not only the spectacular views of the Salt Lakes, or even the wildlife that draws the interest of the tourists, the lakes are also known to have “healing” powers.
Well, not so much healing, but the Salt Lakes have certainly been known to help those with rheumatism, arthritis, heart problems and even skin problems. Each year thousands of tourists take the shores of the Salt Lakes and bath in its mud and waters, hoping to cure the ailments they have acquired over the years. Many however, say that simply sitting on the shores of such a stunning lagoon, with beautiful surroundings, heals the soul as much as the waters heal the wounds.
The Salt Lakes (Salinas) hold much more importance to the region than just aesthetics and healing powers, they have a major impact on the climate around Torrevieja; the atmosphere around the town is clean and fresh with most of the moisture removed from the air by the salt. The lakes also provides the area with economic value, the salt taken from the lakes is exported from Torrevieja harbour to countries all over the world.