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About Us

Anita Violetta Real Estate Services

If you understand us it will certainly help us to understand you. We know from the thousands of people we have met and shown properties to that there are so many questions to answer, so many topics to cover and so many issues to address.

Our knowledge of the Costa Blanca property market is vast and we’ve tried to present it in a manner relevant to the individual regardless of the subject matter and the level of interest.

Of course, too much information can be counter-productive and actually quite dull. So we hope that we’re sharing our knowledge with you in a way that works for you and that is clear, helpful, proactive and relevant.

Our longevity has seen us expand during the good times and witness, survive and – crucially – learn from periods of decline. We come though each occasion with a greater understanding of what you expect from your dealings with us and we adapt to these expectations.

Whilst we are proactive and extrovert in all that we do, we do not believe in an aggressive, harassing modus operandi. Whilst we love talking to you, we categorically do not contact you by telephone until we have been explicitly requested to do so. We treat each and every communication with you with the respect you deserve.

Well, we’ve already mentioned the respect, the honesty and the fun so let’s assume we finally get to greet you in person. Regardless of your reasons for visiting us, we sit and let you do the talking first – the more we know about you the more we can help. We spare you the waffle about us – we take it you’ve already done your research, you know who we are and you’re satisfied with what you’ve heard.

Rental Team:
Our rental managers are experience, friendly and work hard to keep both owners and clients happy.

Owners – you can be assured that our staff will look after every aspect of your property and will do the best to get as many rentals for you as possible at a return agreeable to you. They can offer advice on suitable clients, furnishing and prices to ensure that you will receive the full potential of your property.

Clients- again our staff are able to offer advice on the properties available to you to suit your budget and needs, and would do their utmost to ensure that you have a smooth holiday or indeed a comfortable home.

Sales team:
Our sales managers have plenty of experience offering advice on all aspects of selling or buying a property. We work hard to connect the right buyer with the right vendor, taking pride and satisfaction in the job completed and a job completed is a job well done. We are committed to you whether you are searching for a property or looking to sell your property at the correct price and have a dedicated sales team to ensure that you are correctly supported during the entire duration of your relationship with us.

Office staff:
When our rentals and sales staff are busy there will always be a friendly member of staff to help you in any way they can and if they cannot help you will ensure that the person who can contacts you as soon as possible.

Maintenance and cleaning staff:
Of course a rental and sales company cannot do without the backup of a reliable and experience maintenance and cleaning team ready to deal with all type of emergencies and general maintenance of your property and cleaning. They ensure that both you and your tenants are happy with the upkeep of the property.